Here at we are constantly looking for top converting offers and always looking to get our publishers a “BIGPAYOUT”. Most of our offers are exclusive to, so you can expect great offers and highest payouts. Unlike most affiliate networks, we take a “hands-on” approach and communicate with each of our publishers on a personal level. Internal testing is key before we take an offer live in our affiliate network. We test offers with email and eisplay traffic that we control and know what to expect. If the offer passes our internal measures that we have in place, we can then go to the market. We don’t believe in carrying hundreds of offers that don’t work for the majority of our affiliates… only ones that convert! If you are interested in two similar offers, we will always let you now which is the best offer. We provide real time tracking so you can tell immediately how much money your are making. Our goal is to get you making the most money from the traffic you’re sending! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your affiliate manager by clicking on Management Team.

We have several payment options. First and most common is net 30. This means payments are issued 30 days after the end of the month. There are cases when we pay twice a month and sometimes weekly, based on volume. We like to limit the risk to our publishers by providing prompt payment. You will be asked to fill out your method of payment when signing up. We pay by check, wire, or direct deposit. In order to receive payment from you must submit a Form W-9 to [email protected]. allows traffic from a variety of sources including email, search, display, and contextual. Email marketing can be comprised of newsletters, email lists and List Management. Our search traffic is by Pay-per-click through search engines, content network and media buys. On-site placement is when a publisher or affiliate own their websites and drive traffic to them organically.

We never have and never will allow incentivized traffic. Period. Incentivized traffic means publishers and affiliates CANNOT offer cash rewards or points to customers. We have found over time that incentivized traffic doesn’t back out.  We are looking to get our Advertisers the best quality traffic!

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