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Bronze - Custom Wordpress Website, Logo, 5 page website, 10 images, Standard Set of Plugins, Seo Optimized, Social Linking, 1 revision

Silver - Everything in Bronze plus: 10 page website, 20 images, 3 email Acct Setup, Image Slider, Ability to edit, Facebook Redo/Setup, 3 Revision

Gold – Everything in Silver plus: Over 11+ pages, mobile/tablet optimized, BigBrother access, database storing, esp set up (opt-in email marketing platform), 10 email account, Business Card Design, 20+ images, 5 revisions

Bronze e-commerence – Shopping Cart, CRM, 10 products, Up to 20 Pages, Logo, 2 Image Rotating Banner, Standard Set of Plugins, SEO Optimized, up to 3 Emails account, Social Linking, 1 revision

Silver e-commerence - Everything in Bronze plus: 11-20 Products, CRM, Up to 30 Pages, 3 Image Rotating Banner, Up to 5 email, Facebook Redo/Setup, 3 revisions, Ability to Edit

Gold e-commerence - Everything in Silver plus: 21+ Products, CRM, 50+ pages, 4+ Image Rotating banner, 5 revisions, Business Card Design, CRM upgrades, BigBrother Access, Mobile Optimized