List Management

Monetize Your Data

Our list management solutions maximize the value of your customer list. We use a multi-channel platform to generate revenue through email, postal, mobile, and telesales distribution. Our proven techniques allow us to optimize the hidden value in your database, target key consumers, adhere to strict compliance measures, and produce a sustainable income for your business. The more information and data you gather… the more the revenue can be generated from your customers.

Email Marketing

BigPayOut is the pioneer in Permission Email Marketing. Our email list management division can help you increase your email list rental revenue while maintaining the highest regard for your subscriber’s privacy. We are able to generate revenue without interrupting your current business model. Knowing which campaigns to run against your list and how to get into target customers inbox is our specialty.

Direct Mail

We help you make more money with all postal data you gather. We have various partners that rent our lists according to demographic profiling.

Card On File

In a sensitive but secure way, our company can protect and monetize the credit card data that you have gathered. Through an escrow service, we can provide the last 4 digits of a cardholders account on to partners with campaigns that truly work. We can help you take advantage of this untapped commodity which most companies overlook.


Through telephone numbers provided by your data, our company sets up partnerships with key individuals and players of high performing campaigns that help create more revenue for the list owner.