Web Development in Utah

Remember those kids in high school and college that never got the girls? You know the ones that needed glasses at an early age because they stared at their computer monitors too much? The ones you only asked to be a part of your study group because they were super smart?

That’s us.

Our team of highly trained coding ninjas has lived their life since birth learning the ways of computer-jujitsu. Our keyboards of pure awesomeness (+1000 speed, +1000 accuracy) allow us to ever so elegantly slice through the matrix of computer code (it’s like butter, yo). We sharpen our mouse skills daily playing Battlefield 3 at work… I mean our mouse reflexes are that of the cobra. When a mission is brought before us, all you hear is the gentle breeze moving through the cherry blossoms and then a gift of programming genius flies into your hands.

Disclaimer: What really happens is we just smash our hands on the keyboards really loudly and then amazing stuff gets done. It’s freaking awesome.

We are experts in many languages including: HTML, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, and MySQL. Need help with a language not listed? Just ask!

When you hire Big Payout for your web development, the possibilities are endless. Here are just some of the things we can do for you:


Anyone can create a website (even non-coding ninjas), however to truly showcase the essence of your business and captivate your visitors, it takes a special breed of coding ninjas to do that. Our graphic designers will work with you to create a vision of pure beauty and make the most amazing website design you’ve ever seen. Then, they’ll hand it off to us and tell us to do impossible things… impossible for normal beings. Being that we’re coding ninjas, we’ll make the site come to life and create an online presence for your website that will echo for generations to come.

What good is a website if nobody sees it? Websites aren’t ninjas, they should be seen. We will ninja (pun intended) your website to the top of search engines so that your business will grow like the cherry blossom. We do many things to get this to happen, such as creating good content that ranks well because we are a Utah County web development team that really knows what they are doing. See that? Ninja…


Have an amazing product that will change the world? Already have an amazing product that will change the world but your current online shopping cart is making your customers angry?

We create secure shopping carts. We understand that your customers’ information is just as valuable as the products you sell. Using web development as our shield, we will station coding ninjas to make a barrier around your shopping cart so hackers will cower in fear.

We create feature-filled shopping carts. Coming up with the perfect mix between features and simplicity is a delicate art. Too many flashy features and your customers may go into convulsions, too few and your customers will fall asleep.

We create fast shopping carts. Don’t like looking at a spinning wheel? Neither do coding ninjas, we like to fly across buildings at break-neck speeds. That’s just how we are.

Web Applications

Are you a big dreamer? Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night with a vision of how to create the next big thing? Coding ninjas do this all the time so we’re super-experienced in this kind of stuff. We understand that the next big thing not only needs a vision, but also needs a solid framework so that your idea doesn’t come crumbling down because of technical issues. Anything you need, we got it covered.

Don’t feel left out if you’ve already started creating the next big thing. Need an application developed to improve your business? We’ve got you covered. We will work with you to create exactly what your business needs to perform even better!

Utah County Web Development

Our web development ninjas have established their headquarters in American Fork, a stone’s throw away from Lindon, Orem, and Provo, Utah. We are able to provide quick, face-to-face service in these cities and the rest of the Wasatch Front, but are able to provide our list of services to businesses all around the country. This includes web development, search engine optimization, web design, pay-per-click marketing, and much more. Don’t leave the fate of your website up to just any marketing company. Trust the incredibly skilled and unbelievably efficient ninjas from Big Payout to take care of the job for you.