Monetize Your Traffic has been in the Online Advertising space since 2002 and we have seen a lot of offers come across our table.   With our experience we will make suggestions to your current site or even build out a site for your specific project.   We know what has worked in the past and what is working for us now.   A Landing Page is crucial when it comes to monetizing traffic coming to the site .  It can be what makes the campaign work or not work.

What makes a good landing page?

Since the ad is the first experience a user has with a campaign, a good landing page has a Headline which corresponds to the ads creative. The well converting landing page has a Call to Action to instruct the user on what the desired action is; whether it is a download, purchase, or lead form. The required campaign information is located above the page fold of the landing page, where the user is most likely to see it. This information should include a clear concise explanation of what the campaign is offering. Lastly, a good landing page offers a clear, simple navigation which allows the site visitors to find product overviews and details easily. If you choose to design your own landing or jump page (for use on Google, Yahoo, media buys, etc.) keep these elements in mind. Once you have created your landing page be sure to send it to your affiliate strategist for design tips and approval. is designed to monetize all of your traffic including the data that is collect with the traffic you have coming to your website.

Make your Brand look bigger than you really are!

Remarketing is a tool that we use that is offer by companies like Google, Sitescout, and others that allows us to gather a cookie that is placed on a person computer.  Remarketing allows you to communicate with people who’ve previously visited key pages on your website, giving you a powerful new way to match the right people with the right message.  The will think you are everywhere on the internet as your ads will continue to show on places like the NY Times, Fox News, etc…building your brand to new levels.

Building your Database

Building your database is crucial to creating additional revenue which most websites in general completely skip.  As people come to your site you will want to collect as much information as possible to be able to monetize the traffic coming to your site.   By collecting information that is compliant with your Privacy Policy you will be able to communicate to your database through auto-responders (drip emails), telemarketing, direct mail, and many other ways to create additional income from your database.  Visit our List Management (link) section of our site to learn more about creating additional revenue with your Database.